Me and my fabulous son, Max

Me and my  fabulous son, Max
Powerscourt, Ireland

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Visit to Historic Fort Tejon

Avenue A--Los Angeles County on the left, Kern County on the Right

One blustery day shortly after we moved to the West Antelope Valley, we took a little road trip to Historic Fort Tejon, one of the many fabulous California State Parks , located about half an hour Northwest of us.    We started down Avenue A, which is the dirt road that runs along Los Angeles County on the South and Kern County on the North.

Rural Northern Los Angeles County

Along our route, we saw many Joshua trees and the Tehachipi mountains to the North.  It's hard to imagine, but about half of Los Angeles County is rural.  Where we live, in the Northern most part, we have views of wilderness for as far as the eye can see.

Max & Larry

Once we hit Gorman Post Road, it was a short decent into Lebec and Historic Fort Tejon.  It's a fun little State Park packed with history.  Click on the link for more info!

Picnic Area

We first visited Fort Tejon as a stop on the way from our old home in San Diego on the way to Northern California.  It is right off interstate 5 and a great place to stretch your legs and run around!

Cannon at Fort Tejon

 They have a great picnic area....and they even have a CANNON!

Max on the steps of the jail
They also have a stockade!!

Commander's House--Max & Larry

 There are several original and replica buildings on the grounds.  I really enjoy walking through and imagining what it must have been like.  There is a home that the commander and his family lived in complete with living, dining and sleeping areas.

My Max and me in front of the adobe brick house.

There is a museum with uniforms and weaponry from the civil war era.  This was the outpost for the Dragoons and was operational for about 10 years from 1854-1864.  Most days you can spot some guys in uniforms participating in historical reenactments.

Tejon Pass on the other side of the hill
 This is a fun little stop to make if you are driving over the grapevine on Interstate 5 and want to take a break.  I have not even begun to cover what is here, so stop by and take a look for yourself!